Welcome Letter

Welcome... Thanks for Stopping In! 

Have you thought about how you as a consumer will be different in a post COVID-19 world? All businesses, from movie theaters to retail stores, will have to pivot to meet the new expectations of today. Fortunately for GrungeWash, we’re building our business with these changes in mind. 

Additionally, we have the advantage of learning from others' mistakes, and utilizing decades of retail experience from some of the largest retail brands in the world. With this intelligence, GrungeWash is poised to thrive during this ‘new normal’.

For example, have you met our Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer?  Dr. Stephen Newman, M.D. has quite a resume!

Dr. Newman is best known as a Board-Certified Diplomate in Cardiovascular Diseases and Nuclear Cardiology. He is also a Fellow of the American Heart Association’s Council on Clinical Cardiology, Metabolism, Epidemiology and Prevention, and voted Fort Worth's Top Docs, Leading Physicians of the World, Patients Choice Award, and Compassionate Doctor Recognition. 

His passion for improving life through science has led him to pioneering new formulas and use cases for Electrolyzed Water in people, animals, and plants alike. In fact, GrungeWash is included on the EPA’s emerging pathogens list.


Take 30 seconds and meet Dr. Newman by watching the video below: